Chef Choice

App Design/UI,UX Design


Chef Choice is an app mainly designed to help elderly users searching various restaurants by setting their preferences like the text size of the menu, some accessible information for multiple senses and mobility.

This project focuses on user experience research and user interface design. The onboarding introduction feature helps users to set up or input their personal preferences to find the most matchable restaurants for them.


App Design/UI,UX Design/User Expe rence Research/User Flow
Benchmark Analysis/Empathy Map/PACT Analysis/Wireframes


Logo Design


How can we encourage seniors to enjoy dining out and improving user experiences by finding their favorite restaurant easily?

Based on The Centre for Elder Research at Sherdain, seniors will likely experience sensory and cognitive changes. Therefore, a good design for older adults generally means your model is suitable for all ages.

Providing the best experience for elderly users can start to think about the text size of the menu, restaurant interior lighting, wheelchair accessible, and the grab bar features.

User Onboarding Intro Screen

Since this project aims to bring excellent user experience to the elderly group, Chef Choice provides the Onboarding Intro screen to help users to set up their preferences step by step to find the restaurants. For example, users can set up their preferred text size of the menu and the interior lighting level of the restaurant, and choose whether the restaurant will have wheelchair accessible, smart spoon provided, and grab bar on the wall and washroom.

User Feedback

User Flow


Page Design


User Flow Draft 1

In Draft 1, I have separated the setting steps to 3 pages, so users can have more focuses on the preview screen and control the panel to see the differences and set up their preferences.

User Flow Draft 2

In Draft 2, I have included all the setting features on one page and users just the slide panel to control and set up their preferences. However, users cannot see the actual differences and all the information is not very clear..

Empathy Map

PACT Analysis

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