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HomeStore is a fictional company, designed for people who like a comfortable and elegant style of furniture.

This project is responsive web design. It mainly designs for three different sizes of device, such as mobile size, tablet size, and desktop size.


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The Problem

When users view the same desktop content from different devices such as tablet or mobile phone, the images, text sizes, and layouts cannot adapte into these different devices.

The Solution

Create three different design screens for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Giving the contents and elements flexibility to adjust automatically into three different devices sizes, adapting the layouts accordingly, and delivering better user experience when the users to viewing the website content on different devices.

Design Process

HomeStore is a web responsive design project. I started with a research and defined the breakpoints of three different screens on Mobile phone, Tablet and Desktop devices. After Validated design concepts from sitemap and wireframes, then I presented my works and received feedback from others. Finally, I developed the website.

Home Page Responsive Design Wireframes

Collection Page Responsive Design Wireframes

Home Page Responsive Designs

Collection Page Responsive Design

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